The Rule of Law in the Economy and Unsound Money

Juan Castañeda talks to Alasdair Macleod about sound money

Juan Castañeda, Senior Lecturer at UNED and blogger at The Old Lady of Threadneedle St, talks to Alasdair Macleod, of the GoldMoney Foundation, about the economy and the dangers of monetary stimulus. They explain that at the root of our current problems is unsound money. Under sound money system there is some kind of objective rule that serves as a guarantee of what money is, that enforces the Rule of Law in economic matters. Prof. Castañeda believes that the US has the largest problem, given the recent monetary expansion.

They discuss the consequences of stopping monetary stimulus that the economy is addicted to. They talk about interest rates, the price level and how this is affected by monetary policy. Nevertheless they insist that the consequences of continuing to print will, eventually, be even worse.