The Inevitable Jubilee- National Debt is a Cancer

from “The Inevitable Jubilee
By Cris Sheridan

National debt is a cancer. It starts out small and then multiplies. Eventually, it reaches a point where it can’t be ignored, spreading itself through every layer of the economy until it threatens the life of its host.

Many would say that the U.S. is at this point. Having accumulated more debt than any other nation in history, there is little hope that it can ever be paid back without a combination of some very drastic and unrealistic measures. On greater inspection, paying it back is probably never going to happen and may even be mathematically impossible to do so.

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The Inevitable Jubilee | Cris Sheridan | FINANCIAL SENSE

In light of the similarities between then and now, some prominent names are beginning to warn that the only cure for our troubling situation is some form of massive debt relief, or Jubilee—a biblical commandment given to Israel to wipe away

Publish Date: 10/31/2011 1:00