Queen Anne’s 1711 Act for Relief of Insolvent Debtors Restoring Liberty

One of the objections raised to the proposal for a modern day Jubilee is that it would be an unprecedented event, that there are no historical examples of Jubilees in history. Well, Virginia, here is an example from England in the year 1711.

Queen Anne’s Parliament proclaimed “An Act For the Relief of Insolvent Debtors, by obligating their creditors to accept the Utmost Satisfaction they are capable to make, and Restoring them to their Liberty”. Sounds like a Jubilee Proclamation to me, wouldn’t you say? Opening prison doors, relieving debt, obligating creditors to only take what the debtors are able to pay, and restoring liberty”. Taken right from Leviticus 25, this couldn’t be any clearer use of biblical Jubilee language. And this in jolly old England!!!

Here is the cover of the Debt Relief Act:

Queen Anne's Jubilee Act Cover

Page one of Queen Anne’s Jubilee Act

Next page opens with the reasons for setting the prisoners  free from their debt slavery:

An act to relieve insolvent debtors

An act to relieve the insolvent debtors

Here is my rough transcription, somewhat abridged, but it gives you the gist of the matter. I have scanned the original document and present the images to you for the pleasure of reading Old English.

Whereas many persons now detained in prison are reduced to very great poverty and necessities, by many misfortunes befallen them in their trades and professions, during this time of war, they have become totally unable to satisfy and pay all their several debts to their respective creditors,and by their long continuance in prison are rendered useless to the government and also their families are likewise a burden to the nation, if speedy care be not taken to prevent the same.. be it enacted by the Queens Most Excellent Majesty, with the advice of all Lords and the Commons of Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, that all persons, upon the 7th day of December, 1711, that be imprisoned for debt or damages, that take the following oath, shall be forever discharged and relieved from their imprisonment.

Within forty days the debtor shall appear in court with a statement of all debts owed and the name of his creditors. The debtor shall swear a prescribed oath listing all his debts and assets before the court. The Justice of the Peace shall then advertise the names of the debtors in the London Gazette and give creditors thirty days notice that all debts of these prisoners are canceled, and that these persons are free. No creditor may press the released prisoners to pay their debts or re-imprison them for the discharged debts.

Exactly three hundred years ago a mini Jubilee was declared in England for persons in prison, who were there because they were unable to pay their debts. Today, at the time of this anniversary, could a jubilee event occur on December 7, 2011? God knows there are many more Britons enslaved by debt today than were ever in prison in the year 1711.

A Footnote on Debt Slavery Today:

The War For Global Debt Slavery | Financial News

with ever-increasing DEBT SLAVERY, just as the Rothschild Bank of “England”, another private, for profit bank – which is no more English than the Federal Reserve Bank is Federal – has made debtslaves of British citizens.

Publish Date: 05/13/2011 23:19