Praying for Jubilee and Hearing the Answer

praying for jubileeI’m not an economist.  Thank God. I will repeat that. I am not an economist, thank God! I am just a person who has been studying and praying for a debt jubilee for 26 years now. I prefer to call myself a ‘jubilist’. This definition came from an old edition of the Oxford English Dictionary: a jubilist is one who a) celebrates and b) proclaims a jubilee.

Jubilee is an idea that resonates, deep within.

Jubilee, Jubilee!
Sound the trumpet and proclaim Liberty.
Cancel Debts.
Set the slaves free.
Go back home and repossess your property.
Rejoice, have a party!

It’s a great, exciting idea
for a world buried deep in debt,
for an economy on the verge
of another great depression.

Eleven years ago the Jubilee 2000 campaigners had the right idea, and started at the right place, calling for the cancellation of unjust, odious poor country debt.

Yet Jubilee is a universal idea, as is debt bondage.  The debt crisis has spread throughout the entire globe. Not only are government debts un-payable, personal and business debt is expanding exponentially, while national, business and personal incomes are shrinking. Debt is in multiples of gross national product. In a word, the debt situation is truly gross. And becoming worse with every bailout and austerity program. The cure proposed by most economists for solving the debt problem is to incur more debt.

Jubilee is needed for the entire planet. A reset of the entire world monetary system, getting rid of unjust, un-payable debt. The old system of usury is broken, doesn’t work any more. It never did work, from the beginning.

We need a jubilee. A World Jubilee.
We need monetary and economic reforms to usher in a new arrangement, to create a new economy, of real economic prosperity.

How to bring it about? A new political party? A grassroots protest movement? What? How?

For many years I have been thinking and praying about it. Specifically praying about how to apply the Jubilee idea to our modern economic situation. After all, Jubilee, according to the Bible, was God’s idea. So why not ask Him how to bring it about? This was the focus of my prayers. How to bring about a Jubilee.

It was a beautiful sunshiny summer day about 20 years ago, a day when I was working outside, mowing the grass, riding  the John Deere mower around our little acreage, that I heard the answer to my prayers.

That morning I had read Psalm 146:7 where it says that the Lord executes judgment for the oppressed, gives food to the hungry, and sets the prisoners free.

And I asked God the question: How do you do this? How do you work judgment on behalf of the poor? How do you set the prisoners free?

I said, “God, I don’t see it happening. From my perspective, everything is just getting worse in the world, particularly the lot of the poor. They are oppressed now more than ever. You say you work justice for the oppressed. You give food to the hungry, you set the prisoners free. I don’t see it. How do you do this?”

“And what about the Jubilee? It’s a great Biblical idea, but I have pretty much given up on the idea of how to accomplish it. Most Christians and Jews these days don’t even believe that it was a reality in Bible times. Talk about non-believing “believers”. With all this doubt, how is Jubilee going to be a reality in OUR time? What do you want me to do with the idea? Or not do? Is Jubilee a fantasy or a reality? Why do I continue to read and think about this idea and not see the solution?

Then the answer came. I heard these words:

“Relax. The Jubilee is my idea and I will bring it to pass. You will see it happen.”

I asked how?

Then these words flashed into mind in an instant, the words of Proverbs 29:1:

“He, who being often reproved hardens his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.”

The international bankers and controllers of finance who think they own the world have been ignoring the many protests and calls for change. They have looted the world and think they will continue to do so, forever, with impunity. They are continuing to harden their neck. At some point they will overstep their bounds, overplay their hand, and their arrogance will become insanity, their pride will exalt itself to infinity, and they will attempt to foreclose on the entire planet.  At that point their system will suddenly end, in an instant. In an instant their neck will be broken and the economy will be free from their control. You will see the Jubilee. Get ready to celebrate.