Taking pay cuts for the bondholders is so… 20th Century

Here’s some financial sense that actually makes sense

In an article entitled “Our Defining Moment“, Damon Vrabel at financialsense.com questions the unthinking view that struggling workers need to take pay cuts and layoffs so that the bankers and bondholders can be paid in full and continue their life of unproductive luxury.

He states:
“That’s so…uh…20th century.”


In a system where 100% of all money is sourced by going into debt to private capital holders who demand exponential returns … this means in order for the bondholders at the top to maintain their ever-increasing quality of life, millions of employees in cost centers must be happy with continually declining quality of life

He asks why don’t those who obviously have some smarts question the financial system and look for a better alternative, as it’s obvious that  the end game of debt saturation is approaching and mathematical breakdown of the monetary system is certain.

Calling for new thinking, Damon recognizes that anything but calling for a new arrangement:

…Has Zero Moral Authority

A structural adjustment in the global monetary system in the spirit of jubilee is clearly the only moral solution at this point. Every major religion and every sane philosophy demands it and compels us to implement it. Anything else is morally deranged and will result in a class-based world war where the capital holders turn violent governments against the masses.