A Global Debt Jubilee is Waiting Behind the Curtains


What sort of Jubilee is waiting to take center stage?

More voices are being “raised like a trumpet” to proclaim that the current regime of fiat money and debt will not survive, and that some sort of global jubilee is waiting in the wings, waiting behind the curtains, soon to be revealed. Here is one such analysis by Alcuin Bramerton…..

• When debt is fraudulent, debt forgiveness is the logical and only remedy.

• Debt or credit which cannot be paid back is never an asset; it is always a liability.

• All debt which charges a percentage originates in delusion. Debt grows exponentially indefinitely; income and other financial growth cannot do this.

• The total amount of money in circulation today in the West can only pay for a tiny fraction of the total private and public debt in the West. This fact is evidence of systemic fraud.

• Debt is manufactured through fraudulent means to reward a creative criminal élite.

• If the intention of a financial transaction tied to a loan, or tied to a financial inducement, is extortion, if it is, in effect, an élite bankster scheme to bamboozle the borrower with small print or to blind him with science, that loan or inducement, should be struck off the record immediately and completely. The debt was not incurred with the informed consent of the borrower. The debt did not benefit the borrower. And the élite lender was well aware of these facts when the loan papers were signed.

• You cannot solve the debt problem by issuing more debt. You solve the debt problem by cancelling, completely, all national, corporate and personal debt. You do this simultaneously across the planet, and you do it permanently.

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Alcuin and Flutterby: Universal debt forgiveness and the imminent

Behind the scenes, all the indications are that universal debt forgiveness is set to be announced. A global debt jubilee is waiting in the wings. The Doctrine of Odious Debts has been spectacularly revisited. The default position

Publish Date: 08/13/2011 2:00


Alciun references the Irish Finance Minister, Michael Noonan ruling out universal debt forgiveness..

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Finance Minister, Michael Noonan, yesterday emphatically ruled out a universal debt forgiveness plan, saying that the idea was just “not realistic”. He went on to say that the inability to repay mortgages was a complex issue …Indeed, complex for those trying to maintain control..

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