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A Jubilee Dream – on the Occasion of the Queen’s Jubilee

a jubilee dream

A Jubilee Dream 1887 – at the time of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee

In 1887, on the occasion of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, a radical had A JUBILEE DREAM. She envisioned all the privileged of England, including tax evaders, usurers, nobles, clergy and even the Queen herself waking up to a full consciousness of the meaning of jubilee and proclaiming an end to debt slavery. The richest paid off the national debt by voluntary contributions, bankers ended their practice of usury and Merrie Old England set the renters and debtors free…

“Oh, the Jubilee has come. Then we must set our bondsmen free, and for once in our lives let mercy and justice rise above law.”
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Imagine an American Jubilee Celebration

American Peace JubileeImagine a celebration sometime soon in the future: A celebration of Jubilee. Over 90% of the American national debt has been eliminated, through the American National Jubilee Act and International Treaty. Trillions of dollars of new debt-free credit for manufacturing, energy R&D, scientific innovation and advanced technologies to solve the pressing problems facing the world, has been issued by the government lawfully and debt-free. America is rebuilding its economy.

Imagine the American Jubilee Party of the future. It would transcend nationalism, and wouldĀ  indeed be a world wide party, celebrating the “shaking off” of debt burdens around the globe.

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