Imagine an American Jubilee Celebration

American Peace JubileeImagine a celebration sometime soon in the future: A celebration of Jubilee. Over 90% of the American national debt has been eliminated, through the American National Jubilee Act and International Treaty. Trillions of dollars of new debt-free credit for manufacturing, energy R&D, scientific innovation and advanced technologies to solve the pressing problems facing the world, has been issued by the government lawfully and debt-free. America is rebuilding its economy.

Imagine the American Jubilee Party of the future. It would transcend nationalism, and would  indeed be a world wide party, celebrating the “shaking off” of debt burdens around the globe.

The word Jubilee comes from the ram’s horn trumpet, the yobel. This word for the Trumpet of Liberty was translated into English as Jubil, or Jubilation, and became synonymous with a celebration,  great joy and festivity.

Peace Jubilee

The National Peace Jubilee of 1869

If you are familiar with the concept of Jubilee, you will know that it was the year  when Liberty was proclaimed throughout the land, debts were canceled, slaves set free and the people recovered their inheritance. If you’re not familiar with this ancient idea, you can read an introduction here.


Solon, Father of Democracy

The People Celebrated in Ancient Athens

When Solon of Athens legislated the laws which kick-started the first democracy in history, he began by implementing the  famous law of “shaking off of burdens”, debt cancellation for the poor. Every year after that Athenians celebrated with a party. “Shaking Off Of Burdens” became the name of a Festival of Thanksgiving held by the Greeks in subsequent years in Solon’s honor .

A Model and Inspiration. The Peace Jubilee of 1869

As a model and inspiration, let’s look back to the Peace Jubilee which was held in Boston on June 15, 16, and 17th in the year 1869, which celebrated the Restoration of Peace Throughout the Land after the end of the Civil War. Here are a few pages from the Official Monthly Bulletin of the Grand National Peace Jubilee which can serve as a model for our own Grand National Jubilee Celebration and Musical Festival:

Peace Jubilee Cover

In our case, the program would read something like this:

Welcome to the Grand National Debt Jubilee
Musical Festival
to take place in the City of Boston
to commemorate the restoration of
the control of money by WE THE PEOPLE
Throughout the Land

The Restoration of Life, Liberty and Property
To our Citizens is the Most Important Event in American History,
and is to be celebrated by the Greatest Outpouring of
Music Ever Heard on the American Continent.

Consisting of Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Hip Hop, Classical, Blues, Techno, Gospel
and every other type of music imaginable and
Most Especially  Worship Music Addressed to God Almighty
in appreciation for His delivering us from

National Bankruptcy, Home Foreclosures, Inflation, Depression,
Oppressive Taxes, Austerity and Generational Debt Slavery.

The President of the United States, Members of His Cabinet, Members of Congress, Heads of Departments, and the Governors of All the States will be in attendance,
as well as the Representatives of Foreign Governments,
and Distinguished Guests from all parts of the world.

Peace Jubilee Restoration

On the First Day of the Festival, starting with a prayer at 12:00 Noon,
and after the delivery of welcoming addresses, to all distinguished
guests and visitors,

The President of the United States will give an address, congratulating the People of the United States and friends from around the globe for successfully implementing the Jubilee transformation of the world monetary system.

It will be a Congratulatory National Address,
Celebrating the Recovery of National Assets, Personal Homes and Fortunes
of We The People from Economic Terrorism and the Oligarchical Control,

Liberation from the Ancient Usurious System of Debt Slavery,
the Restoration of a Prosperous America
and the Liberation of Our Allies, the Developing World, from
Colonialism and all forms of Economic Domination.

This will be followed by a Great Chorus of Two Hundred Thousand Voices
(a magnitude greater than that of the Peace Jubilee of 1869)
selected from around this Great Nation of Liberty,
accompanied by a Grand World Wide Orchestra interacting
live in real time by Internet and other networks throughout the world,
displayed on large screens in Arenas and other venues around the world.
Every musician in the World will be invited to join in the Grand Performance.

The President will then announce the playing of
a New Song of Life, Liberty and Happiness
celebrating America the Beautiful,
crowned with peace and brotherhood
from Sea to Shining Sea, and an inspiration to the nations.

This new ANTHEM will be composed especially for this occasion.

Peace Jubilee First Day

After the First Three Days of the Concert are completed,
A Series of Concerts and Celebrations in every State Capital
upon the Grandest Scale Possible, will immediately follow,
to be continued without interruption up to the
Fourth of July,
to which all citizens and visitors to this Great Nation of Liberty
will be invited,
without toll or charge.

will open at the expanded Smithsonian Institution, highlighting the
major problems confronting humanity, and exhibiting all the
best ideas from original thinkers around the world as to their
solutions and the best way to fund those solutions in a debt-free
and equitable manner to best benefit all peoples of the world.

Jubilee Concerts

On the Fourth of July the President will open the White House to a group of  the many homeless, and invite them to dine at his table.  He will then present them with keys to mortgage-free new homes paid for by the Jubilee Restitution Fund, set up to compensate those who lost their homes in mortgage fraud scandals committed by the Wall Street banks.