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Hour Money Jubilee – Victory Based on Sacred Economics and Ancient Wisdom

“Hour Money Jubilee: As usury is theft, Jubilee is Justice” Unique Selling Proposition

“Hour Money Jubilee” is book which lists a step-by-step plan for victory over the “money power”. This plan is based upon sacred economics and ancient wisdom. This video lists the benefits of the plan and its “Unique Selling Proposition”:

1. Non-violent
2. Empowers humanity
3. Focused on the root cause of evil(usury/money power)
4. Identifies the enemy
5. Puts humanity on the offensive initiative
6. Unites global debt slaves
7. Thrive not merely survive

From the Introduction to Hour Money Jubilee:

A benevolent money serves humanity rather than dominates it. When people have abundant money they are free to work in the vocation of their passion. Their unique human artistry is elevated and their gifts are expressed. Usury free money offers a society without income tax, property tax or interest on loans. A thirty year mortgage is reduced to ten for the same payment. The Non-Aggression Principle and more abundance for social programs are BOTH supported. Both the compassion of the left and the freedom of the right are elevated. Humanity itself is rejoined once Mammon is removed from the equation.

We have started five local, usury-free currencies across the US. Hour-Money is based upon a human being’s time. The People are the gold which back the organic, local currencies. There is no need to wait for a vote, or permission from the corrupt. Through this non-violent, peaceful process we can take back our destiny.

Monetary control is necessary for humanity to achieve a future of abundance. There will be no human evolution without an organic, usury-free monetary revolution and Jubilee. In doing so we will be simply following ancient wisdom. Jubilee debt forgiveness is the human rights cause of our time. Innovated, Hour Money technology provides abundance so humanity can dream again. The application of this knowledge is the key to our beautiful future.

Please take some time with an open mind and learn about these powerful, simple, duplicatable solutions to the greatest problems which affect humanity. “What the mind can conceive, and believe; it can achieve”. Let’s conceive of greater future for ourselves, families and neighbors. With belief in one another we can achieve what many think is impossible.

The UsuryFree Eye Opener: Hour Money Jubilee

Hour Money Jubilee” by Wayne Walton Book Description: “Ancient wisdom reveals solutions for immediate abundance for humanity. This book uses sacred economics to create a victory plan not phony austerity measures

Publish Date: 02/18/2013 17:54

Here is the table of contents:

Chapter 1. Jubilee, Let it Be
Chapter 2. What is money?
Chapter 3. Who is the Jubilee for?
Chapter 4. When should we have the Jubilee?
Chapter 5. How will we push for a Jubilee?
Chapter 6. Is the Jubilee simply massive irresponsibility?
Chapter 7. Why hasn’t this been done already?
Chapter 8. Who is the enemy? The love of money is the root of all evil
Chapter 9. Forgiveness for Mammon’s sin is essential for the Jubilee
Chapter 10. Is this secession?
Chapter 11. Is there a real movement for a Jubilee?
Chapter 12. How does Hour Money get issued, distributed and spent?
Chapter 13. Is this why the American War for Independence was fought? Yes!
Chapter 14. Is the Jubilee Commie redistribution for wealth?
Chapter 15. What is the difference between spirituality, religion, and the Church?
Chapter 16. How does Steve Jobs fit in with the others who were spiritual leaders?
Chapter 17. Rastafari, Bob Marley, reggae music and marijuana
Chapter 18. Heaven of Earth: Getting paid for what you love
Chapter 19. Who will be the 100th Monkey?
Chapter 20. Monetary Reform System Evaluation
Chapter 21. How to Start a Movement
Chapter 22. What are the benefits for support of Hour Money?
Chapter 23. Hour Money Local, State, National, and International Organization
Chapter 24. Hour Money Decision Making Process
Chapter 25. Performance Metrics Competition
Chapter 26. Jubilee Options: Rebirth the Earth
Chapter 27. The Jubilee Ceremony: Break Down Invisible Walls of Separation.
Chapter 28. Personal development science applied to humanity.
Chapter 29. Emancipation Entertainment: The Jubilee Jamboree
Chapter 30. Conclusions and a call to action!