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Arrest of US War Criminals is the Required Ethical and Practical Action

US war law is crystal-clear in letter and intent: no nation can use their military in armed attack unless they are under attack by another nation’s government.

This is the basic history and government lesson that all our families sacrificed to teach us through two world wars. The US is in obvious violating of this essential law, both now and in the US war-murders of 20 to 30 million human beings since World War 2 (further history of unlawful US wars going back to stealing half of Mexico here).

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Pat Robertson of 700 Club says to Jail the Bankers

On February 21st, televangelist and long time right-wing icon Pat Robertson addressed the banking crisis on his television show, The 700 Club.

Pat Robertson discussed the banking crisis and glowingly spoke about how Iceland jailed many of the bankers who devastated their nation’s economy by taking out fraudulent loans. Robertson hailed the Nordic nation for its actions and said that Americans should deal with the financial crisis in the same way.


Pat Robertson Says: Put Bankers in Jail, Florida Legislators Say, Put

Pat Robertson Says: Put Bankers in Jail, Florida Legislators Say, Put Floridians In The Street! NOW!

Now the Republican rhetoric used to be something like, “Uphold the Rule of Law”, “Respect Contracts”, “Hold Property Rights Sacred”…But if you listen to Florida’s Republicans, who just today, voted to Trash the Rule of Law, Disrespect Contracts and Violate Property Rights, you’ll see just how twisted and out of whack the whole state is…

Publish Date: 02/22/2012 14:37