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Jubilee Day – Economic Progress one Funeral at a Time

Jubilee Day the Novel

Jubilee Day the novel by Michael Sky

In the novel Jubilee Day, the book about “when America changes it mind about all the big things”, a lot of the “dominators” start dying off  quickly and rather mysteriously.

Is it just a coincidence that the time frame for the deaths in this novel is the same as this month of November, 2011?

The website for this novel by the late Michael Sky outlines the story as follows:

At 8 a.m. on a Sunday morning in November, 2011, an email arrives at every major media outlet and hundreds of online blogs.

A Message for the Dominators

Six will die, every day, until you start sharing wealth and power.

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Biblical Debt Cancellation – the lost tradition of the law of liberty

Lost tradition of Biblical Debt Cancellations

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By Michael Hudson, PhD:
The once-glowing core body of law within the Judeo-Christian Bible has become all but ignored – indeed, rejected – by the colder temper of our times. This core provided for periodic restoration of economic order by rituals of social renewal based on freedom from debt-servitude and from the loss of one’s access to self-support on the land. So central to Israelite moral values was this tradition that it framed the composition of both the Old and New Testaments.


Radical as the idea of cancelling debts and restoring the population’s means of subsistence seems to modern eyes, it had been a conservative tradition in Bronze Age Mesopotamia for some two millennia. What was conserved was self-sufficiency for the rural family-heads who made up the infantry as well as the productive base of Near Eastern economies. Conversely, what was radically disturbing in archaic times was the idea of unrestrained wealth-seeking. It took thousands of years for the idea of progress to become inverted, to connote freedom for the wealthy to deprive the peasantry of their lands and personal liberty.

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Debt Driven Growth is a Huge Flaw in the World Economy

Bill Gross: We’ve Discovered That The World Had A ‘Flawed

What has become obvious in the last few years is that debtdriven growth is a flawed business model when financial markets no longer have an appetite for it. In addition to initial conditions of debt to gross domestic product. In an editorial published Nov. 16th in the Financial Times, Gross explains that the euro area’s “growth-snatching” policies—which allowed countries to use leverage in place of sustainable growth—are not just European problems. Markets are just beginning to recognize this.

Publish Date: 11/16/2011 6:03

Occupy Boston- Jubilee is When Debts are Declared… Disappeared

Shred Your Debts Jubilee!

Shred Your Debts Jubilee! Talking  about Jubilee for debts at Occupy Boston…

“No society in history has gotten to the place where we are today where the poor owe the rich so much and not had a total social breakdown, returned to actual chattel slavery, or had a jubilee. You know what a jubilee is? Jubilee is… debts are declared…. disappeared. I think we should word towards a space of jubilee and I was thinking what were some of the big moments in the Vietnam War effort. Think of some of….”

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The Return of Debtors Prison in America

As if life wasn’t already tense enough for Americans who can’t pay their debts, collection agencies are now taking advantage of archaic state laws to have some debtors arrested and sent to jail. This is outrageous. Corporations default all the time. On the other hand, go to the end of this post, to view a video by David Walker who speaks nostalgically about debtor’s prison….

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Praying for Jubilee and Hearing the Answer

praying for jubileeI’m not an economist.  Thank God. I will repeat that. I am not an economist, thank God! I am just a person who has been studying and praying for a debt jubilee for 26 years now. I prefer to call myself a ‘jubilist’. This definition came from an old edition of the Oxford English Dictionary: a jubilist is one who a) celebrates and b) proclaims a jubilee.

Jubilee is an idea that resonates, deep within.

Jubilee, Jubilee!
Sound the trumpet and proclaim Liberty.
Cancel Debts.
Set the slaves free.
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1% of the 1% Rescued by Max Keiser and the good ship GIABO

one percent rescued by keiser

Max Keiser rescues 1% of the 1% in the good ship GAIBO - click on image to enlarge

A tribute to Max Keiser and his “GIABO” campaign – Global Insurrection Against Banker Occupation. Click on the above graphic to view at full size.

Remember the  Titanic?

It was said that this was the  ship that even “GOD himself couldn’t sink”. Let that idea simmer in your mind, let it SINK into your cranium for awhile. Do you remember this dialogue from the movie?

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