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Imagine an American Jubilee Celebration

American Peace JubileeImagine a celebration sometime soon in the future: A celebration of Jubilee. Over 90% of the American national debt has been eliminated, through the American National Jubilee Act and International Treaty. Trillions of dollars of new debt-free credit for manufacturing, energy R&D, scientific innovation and advanced technologies to solve the pressing problems facing the world, has been issued by the government lawfully and debt-free. America is rebuilding its economy.

Imagine the American Jubilee Party of the future. It would transcend nationalism, and would  indeed be a world wide party, celebrating the “shaking off” of debt burdens around the globe.

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jubilee readings

Reading with Cup of Coffee

Here are some articles I have been reading lately.

On Debt Jubilee, the history of the Jubilee 2000 campaign, a new economic vision, cancellation of debt, etc…

What have you been reading?

Golem XIV – Thoughts: A People’s Debt Jubilee

I suggest an alternative is what we might call a people’s debt jubilee. The idea of a debt jubilee is an old one. I think a collective pan-European, even global, jubilee is worth looking at.
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